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Guardianships And Conservatorships

If a loved one is no longer capable of making important life decisions due to mental health issues or other medical reasons, you might be considering guardianship or conservatorship. At the Law Office of Samuel E. Surface, we have nearly 20 years of experience helping people navigate these emotionally and legally difficult matters. From our office in Stillwater, we help people in the Twin Cities metro area and all over Minnesota make important decisions regarding their aging loved ones.

Role Of A Guardian And Conservator

If someone wants to become the guardian or conservator of an aging loved one, he or she will need to be appointed by the court. A person granted adult guardianship is legally allowed to make decisions for someone regarding housing or medical care. A conservator takes care of the person’s estate (finances and property).

Our attorney will help you through the entire process, from filling out the paperwork and filing the claim to presenting the case before a judge.

Often family members may disagree on how to handle a loved one’s decision. If guardianship or conservatorship is contested, we will advocate for you during litigation and help you present a strong case for why you should be the appointed guardian or conservator. We have extensive experience in court, including in complex litigation matters like these.

We Are Ready To Help You Protect Your Loved One’s Future

If you are considering taking action to become a guardian or conservator of a loved one, you can give our lawyer a call at 651-300-7359 for a free consultation or you can send us an email.